Thursday, 9 January 2014

CJ - Final Print Design (Magazine Ad)

  • We created a cohesive print campaign through the use of character exposition. The main protagonist is prevalent in all prints, displaying his importance to the narrative.
  • The magazine ad above shows the protagonist heavily thinking; it is encoded with many semiotics especially enigma codes, prompting audiences to answer questions.

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

JV - Final Digipak

  • The digipak provides focus upon the protagonist in the narrative being prevalent in 3/4 slides, as well as being the main focus of the 2 advertisements
  • The colours remain colourful and vibrant to contrast between the narrative creating a paralleled narrative also producing an eye catching design.
  • A juxtaposition between this is the mood and emotions portrayed of the main protagonist where he appears upset in all of them.

Monday, 16 December 2013

LF: Final Printwork

  • There is a clear link between the three products where we see the prevalence of john, always key in frame. This develops the advertising campaign and enhances the band image.
  • The production studio connected with the artist, symbol is present in the bottom right corner, but mainly the text is big and bold using a light colour on a darker background so it is easily recognized. 
  • The only thing in focus is the protagonist which is done by using a shallow focus, so the audience focus on the foreground of the shot, and the background is portrayed as less important to show the text is mainly about a certain character.